Grace At Chrstmas
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Grace loves Christmas – acting out
the nativity story, opening presents,
celebrating with Ma, Nana and Paw-Paw.
But this Christmas Nana announces
they will have visitors from Trinidad.
Grace is horrified! She does NOT want
to share the day with another little girl
she doesn't even know.

But after some wise words from
Nana, Grace's generous spirit shines
through. And in the end, as they all share a special surprise,
Grace thinks it could be the best Christmas ever!

Accompanies Amazing Grace (ISBN 9781845077495) and Grace and Family (ISBN 9781845078065), both illustrated by Caroline Binch, and Princess Grace (ISBN 9781845076696) illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright and
Ying-Hwa Hu. There are also three storybooks – Starring Grace (9781845070861) Encore Grace! (9781845070335) and Bravo, Grace! (9781845077563). All published by Frances Lincoln.