Grace At Chrstmas
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Amazing Grace
'This was a groundbreaking book
about race and gender when it was first published, and it remains an absolute standard - brilliantly told with
superb artwork.'
The Ultimate First Book Guide
Princess Grace
'Outstanding... Grace is handled with such deftness and humour that Princess Grace will find its way into every heart.' 
Amanda Craig, The Times
'I suppose it must get drummed in by Disney, but little children tend to think that princesses don't do much except look pink and floaty. Which is why Princess Grace is so gratifyingly different.' 
The Independent
Grace at Christmas
'Grace is a wonderful character and everyone warms to her and is drawn into her world through the vibrant and colourful pictures which add so much to the story.'
Parents in Touch
'This is a lovely story about inclusiveness, which would make a great Christmas present.'
Books for Keeps
Encore Grace!
'[These] eight stories about Grace and her friends are delightful. Their interactions are set against a bigger picture about the importance of sticking together when there are bullies about, and supporting each
other through family complications.
Grace's relationship with her very special Nana makes all these stories
especially warm-hearted.'
The Guardian
Bravo, Grace!
'Hoffman manages to address the serious without a heavy-handed approach to the ups and downs of a typical child's daily life.'
Kirkus Review
'The book demonstrates that there are plenty of new, positive roles and opportunities in today's diverse families.'